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Next friday,next payment (I hope)

Update - monday march 19,2019 : strange - almost supernatural - thing happened when I was walking to a place where I used to suck,
my lips start moving to the right side like to suck something,their movement was kinda "out of control", once I stopped walking
I heared steps behind me,that was a man - I knew he's hard and horny from the lips sign -.
In fact I got that srange Lips Sign 3 times from january 22 wich was the first time I sucked a guy, then I got it on
the black guy too.
So the Lips Sign became for me a Sign of " a good horny juicy dick coming ".
The guy approached and asked me for a cigarette,I gave him the one I was smoking,then he followed me behind a rock, I told him I'm gonna sit
and he understood that I wanna suck and turn his dick toward me,I pulled it out of his pants and started sucking like a pig,his dick was big ,thick,with a really huge
dickhead,I enjoyed sucking,but after few minutes I heared voices coming,and stopped...that was two guys walking toward our position , I told to my guy
"let's talk about fishing or some manly stuff to make a diversion" ... the guys heared us and stopped walking,then left after few minutes.
I pulled his dick out again , and sucked it harder like a crazy bitch,he wanted to fuck me,but I refused , I asked him for some money if he want to fuck,he told me next
time,he promised that he'll pay me friday night,so I suggested that we'll meet friday night if he want to fuck we said insha allah(may God allows it),then I finished him by blowing his dick and
swallowing his tasty cum.
wish me good luck for friday ,22 march 2019 (my 2nd monthly anniversary of my slutty new life !)

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