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New Leather

I have a super-sexy new coat! It’s black leather, has lacings and D-rings as detail all over it, a high collar, straps to close it in front, and a red lining. It’s very . . . well, it’s like something out of a vampire movie, so maybe it’s a bit much for everyday wear, but I tell you it goes GREAT with a corset and leather pants!

Of course, I tried it out with a lot less than that. . . .

I showed up at Vince’s place wearing it. He’s another leather friend of mine, does custom boots. I’ve had him working on a pair of bespoke boots and thought I’d check on his progress. He never minds an unexpected visit. Plus, I thought I’d pay him a little extra this time.

He invited me right in for some hot tea, and I eagerly accepted, stepping out of the snow. “Let me take your coat,” he offered.

I grinned, which tipped my hand, because his eyebrow shot up. I love it when he does that. Vince is not a young guy. He’s about forty-five, and very stern and handsome. The kind of guy you’d imagine looking shocked as hell if you, for instance, flashed him. Which I did.

But that’s the other thing I like about him. He doesn’t shock. For all that he looks like someone’s dad, or a schoolteacher – okay, okay, a very sexy schoolteacher – he really is about the kinkiest fucker I know.

I pulled the coat open, exposing my naked tits. My nipples were hard from the cold, and I’d sort of been stroking myself to stiffness in the car. I swear I was not wearing a stitch under there, except for my boots (not as nice as the ones he was making me) and my driving gloves.

I was willing to play around, but he wasn’t. He didn’t waste any time, just stepped up and pinched my nipple. Now, my tits get really sensitive in the cold, and they were already harder than frozen peas, so I yelped. He kissed my gasping mouth hard enough to make me stagger, then shoved me down on the couch.

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