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Nancy the hot and sexy TS in Pattaya

Hi this is Ris, this is my third story.
Well Last year I went to Thailand on lone trip.
I went directly to pattaya and had rest and went to Walking Street in the evening.
Was visiting many nude bars, ts Bars, dance bars. but while walking on the street one particular girl catch my attention. she was tall, beautiful, sharp features, hazel eyes and red lips.
I felt like giving her complements for her beauty, so i went near her and told her that "Hey I just came to tell you that you are most beautiful female i saw on the earth". She smiled and said thanks. She insisted me to sit with her. I sat and ordered for beer. Then she asked me wanna go with her. I said I would be fool if i say no. and I negotiated with her for 2000 bath.
she lead me to a small hotel near by, i paid for the room and went in. I kissed her immediately I closed the door behind me. My big 7+ inch cock is all full of attention. I started removing her clothes. but she stopped me and told me to remove my clothes and lie on bed. she excused herself for restroom
when she came back she is only in her sexy panty.
I pulled her to me and started kissing her neck, shoulders and armpits, belly, waist and was moving down. As soon as i pulled her panty down, a beautiful sexy 5 inch cock sprang on my face. I was surprised. I asked her are you shemale. she said if you have problem you can go.
I said no I love shemale with big cock. and I wanna suck her. its my fantasy to suck shemale dick.
Then i Started sucking her cock. I sucked her cock almost for 45 minutes.
she shouted she is cumming and i told her to go ahead and unload that sweet cream in my mouth, and she did erupt with 4-5 ropes her sweet cum.
After that I was so horny I put on condom on my cock and took her legs on my shoulders and pushed my cock in her sweet ass.
I fuck her for 10 minutes but due to excitement i could not hold longer and came on her boobs with my huge load.
I was there in Pattaya for 3 days and I fucked and sucked her everyday.
I hope you liked my story.
please give comment if you like my story.

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