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My weekend with Kelly part 6

Kelly started to rock back and forth on my cock faster and
faster. I could feel my cum starting to boil in my balls.We
were both moaning in deep pleasure.When I felt I was at the
nut busting point, my hands gripped her waist, I told her
I was about to cum seconds before I erupted deep inside of

Kelly's cock erupted as I was exploding deep inside
of her. Her cum flying up into the air, landing on my face,
into my open mouth.Her cock twitched and shot her load for
5-6 large spurts.Kelly collapsed onto my chest, her cum
now on both of us.She looked up at me, smiled and said "That's
what I've been wanting for a long time, I knew you would
enjoy fucking my sweet, tight little ass.

I looked down at her and said "I've actually wanted
to fuck you ever since I met you, but you seemed to not be interested
in me".

Kelly responded, "I didn't know how you would
react when you found out I was actually a guy".

I said, "You're all woman in my eyes".

Kelly smiled again, placed her head into my chest, slowly
licking up her cum. Then she slid up and placed a light kiss
on my lips. We kissed passionately for a few minutes with
my arms wrapped lovingly around her back, her hands entwining
in my hair.

She slowly slid up and off my cock with a "popping"
sound as my cum oozed from her ass.I replaced my cock with
my fingers to hold in my cum as she rose to her knees alongside
of me.Turning around, she placed her ass in my face and I
removed my fingers and opened my mouth, my cum came pouring
out of her all over my face as she sat up and then slammed her
ass down on my face. I was in ecstacy as I loved the taste of
my own cum.My tongue was probing her anus, licking her clean
when she jumped up, grabbed my hand and said "Let's
go to bed now".

I let her pull my hand and raised myself up and we walked down
the hall to my bedroom. We slid into the bed and went to sleep wrapped up in each others

When I awoke in the morning, Kelly wasn't there. I could
smell coffee brewing, toast, bacon and eggs.

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