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My weekend with Kelly part 3

I slowly entered the jacuzzi tub with Kelly holding tightly
on to me. Mt cock was still buried inside of her tight ass,
her cock was hard and pressed tightly into my abdomen.

I eased down into the water raising her off of my cock and
placing her into the water. She sighed as her body was covered
by the soothing water.

Then I stood up and left the tub. She asked "where are
you going?" I told her I would be right back. Leaving
her to relax, going to the counter picking up the bottle
of wine and the glasses. I poured the wine into the glasses
and came back into the bathroom. She turned her head and
smiled. I handed her one of the glasses and eased back into
the tub. As I sat, she eased over to me, her cock pointing
right at my face. I smiled, reached out gently and guided
her into my mouth.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as I took her whole cock
into my mouth, deep throating her while my other hand reached
around to her ass holding her steady. Soon, she was fucking
my mouth as I played with her sweet ass. It didn't take
long and she was ready to explode. I could feel her cock getting
bigger and harder as she sped up her fucking my mouth. Placing
down her wine glass, her hands went to the sides of my head
and she exploded her first load down my throat, load after
load exploding down my throat for what must have been at
least 7 large explosions. When she was done, her hands went
to the top of my head to steady herself.

As she softened in my mouth, she slid down my body easing
her cock from my mouth. I looked up at her and she looked down
at me. When she sat down in my lap, our eyes met and then we
kissed, softly at first, and then it was pure animalistic
lust. After a while of this, we slowed our kissing as she
basically melted into my body, her head resting on my shoulder.

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