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My Tgirl lover

This is my first attempt at writing one off these stories so if you like it than please let me know and I'll look into writing another one also any feedback would be welcome
My names Phil, I'm 28 and I currently live with my girlfriend with whom I've been dating for several years. Up until moving in together the sex between us was pretty good, we would do some BDSM on each other as well as having sex outdoors but unfortunately as soon as we moved in together back in mid 2016 the sex all but dried up to the point that we were only having sex on an average of once every six weeks and it was always missionary, not to mention that I was the one who had to always initiate it. It didn't help that my sex drive was very high whilst her's was almost non-existent. I was feeling down and rejected until I decided that I had to take matters into my own hands and find someone to have sex with. Going behind my girlfriends back isn't something I wanted to do but I was desperate and nothing was going to stop me.

It's Saturday night and my girlfriend is working and won't be back until the morning, so I make this my opportunity to finally go out and get laid. I get myself all dressed up and make my way into town to the only club we have. There are so many beautiful women in their high heels and tight revealing dresses that I think to myself that tonight is going to be easy. I make my way to the bar and order myself a drink and eye up the pretty blonde next to me but unfortunately her boyfriend comes up and drags her away. No matter the night is young and there are plenty of women I think to myself, but as the hours dragged on and one drink turned into several and one rejection became many I decided that this wasn't going to be my night, so as I was sat at the bar finishing my last drink I heard someone say to me
"Why are you so down handsome?"
I looked up at her and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had black skin, long wavy black hair, a friendly smile, 38D breasts, a slime hour glass figure and the smoothest legs I'd ever seen.

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