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My struggle

I always used to swear to myself all the time that I was straight as can be. Even when I jacked off to BJ scenes when I watched porn as a kid. And even when I started enjoying shemale videos. But since I admitted to myself that I could be bisexual and that I love dick as much as I love pussy, I've been enjoying cock a lot more than I'd like to admit. I bought a dildo some time ago and only used it to satisfy my oral needs. And I mainly suck on it whenever I watch vids of cocks I wanna suck or hot blowjob vids (guys, shemales, girls sucking cock, whatever). Anyway, I've been getting more and more turned on to dick because of it. I just recently sucked my dildo to a video of a blowbang. The cocks in the video looked so good and edible, I started sucking my dildo instantly. I forgot to add the vid to my favorites, lol. Anyway, since I'm still horny, let me tell you about this hot experience. While watching this girl get hit with multiple dicks, face smacked, sucking one, stroking two, taking two in her mouth, etc, I was jacking off furiously with my right hand and I was stroking the shaft of my dildo with my left hand. My cock was getting hard and my mouth was aching to be served. So while watching the vid, I take my dildo and start licking the tip and head, swirling my tongue around the head. While rubbing the head of my own cock, I'm licking my dildo's head and start sucking on the cock head only. I'm getting so horny, licking the tip while sucking on the head. So I slowly slide it into my mouth. Sucking the entire 9 inches. I'm sucking up and down while stroking my own gorgeous cock. I'm rubbing on my balls as I take the dildo out my mouth and start licking the shaft up and down. I'm licking and kissing the shaft down to the balls and I start licking the balls while rubbing my own. The video is almost over, but I stop stroking so I can restart it and continue making love to my dildo. I'm sucking it's balls while my right hand slowly strokes my hard veiny shaft.

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