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My Start

In the beginning, when I was younger and trying out my sexuality and starting to understand what I wanted and liked and craved and needed, I played with boys and girls. But in short order, I decided I wanted something in between. Which is how I would find myself sneaking into clubs in Manhattan in tight jeans and combat boots concealing lace panties under them and tight tank tops to show off my hairless young body, looking for different thrills. Not the dance clubs my suburban peers thronged like The Tunnel and The Trop. Oh no, I was downtown at places like Danceteria, Boy Bar, The Anvil, Save the Robots. After hours, dark and hot and throbbing.

In a shorter time still I found myself in places where I traded the jeans for fishnets, the panties were visible and I’d left the tank top behind for a half shirt that showed my flat, hairless stomach and the black face of which declared in white letters PUSSY BOY. I’d wear jeans and a tee into the city and change in a porn store off the Westside Highway as I gave the first of many blowjobs in a seedy booth, stripping down quickly in the blue glow of a flickering gay porn, sucking hard, hot random cocks through glory holes and sometimes letting a particularly hot guy into the booth with me to loosen my tight ass with that hard meat. I was insatiable.

I’d always find my way somewhere that was freakish and hot, trannies and crossdressers, club kids, leather men, twinks and slumming uptown queers. With my seamed stockings and patent leather knee-high Doc Martens, tight boy shorts with my hard cock straining and dribbling, chest bare and taped nipples or some provocative shirt, bright red lipstick, heavy eye makeup, my long dark hair a mess and my ass pre-lubed. I can remember so many hot encounters. So many hard cocks and delicious cum. In a bathhouse, naked save my boots, on my back with my legs spread as my ass was filled and pumped so sweetly, another mouth on my cock and balls, kissing a tranny passionately and then sucking her semi-flaccid cock and rimming her fragrant, musky ass as she squatted over me and kissed the man fucking me so tenderly.

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