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My sisters Tgurl friend Part Deux

Next day, after my incredible sex encounter with Christy , my sister let me know that her friend was a Tgurl. I acted like I was shocked. She told me that Christy was a friend from college and had breast implants and took some hormones to be more feminine, but she still had a dick. My sis told me this because she thought Christy liked me, and sis gave Christy my number. She didn't want me to freak out if things went farther.(little did sis know that Christy had already fucked me like crazy). Later on I got a call from Christy wanting know if I wanted to get together that night ,. I said sure . So we decided that she would come over to my place. Christy arrived at my apartment looking real hot and sexy. She was wearing short shorts and a tight white blouse. I could see her nipples through the top. Christy sat down with me on my couch, and asked how liked yesterdays fun. I told her that it was awesome, I was thinking about her all the time. She then asked what thought about her being Trans ? I said I thought it was beyond hot. I told her I was curious about TS and looked at Tgurl porn. she thought that was sexy. She asked it was wearing panties today I said sure was,purple bikini panty. Then she just went at me kissing and grabbing my stiff rod. I went for her tits and unbuttoned her shorts she wasn't wearing any panties and her rather long and thick uncut cock popped out. I kissed her and went down on her and started blowing her. I sucked her cock and licked her balls for at least 10 minutes. She pulled her cock out of my mouth and went for my uncut dick . She unbuttoned and pulled down my pants exposing my by bikini panties barely holding back my shaven uncut dick. Christy said she liked my choice in panties and went to town sucking my cock, biting and pulling my foreskin. she was incredible deep throating me. Christy then said she wanted me to fuck her sweet ass. I readily complied. I bent her over the couch fingered her ass, then put it in her I fucked her ass passionately.

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