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My Sister's First Bra

When I was growing up, I was very close to my mother and my sister. My Dad had skipped out on us when I was two. I really don't remember him at all, and to this day i don't ever want to see him again. It was only natural thatI did "girly" things instead of playing ball with the boys. I didn't have an interest in the things "normal" boys did. I played with dolls, I sang songs and skipped rope, mom let me wear an apron when i helped in the kitchen, and in fact, i squatted to pee on the toilette just like a girl. I really didn't want any "guy" friends as I felt comfortable the way things were. Well without saying, I was a target for all the boys in the neighborhood. I was a small, skinny boy and mom dressed me cute boy shorts and a matching shirt. The boys called me names like, "sissy" and "panty waist". I would just smile and go along on my way. But strangely it didn't bother me. I had a happy life in my innocence, but things were about to change in a big way. When I was eleven and my sister Jennifer was twelve, mom decided it was time for her first bra. It was all the talk at the dinner table that night. I just sat there eating and not really paying attention. As I started listening to their conversation, I found myself getting inexplicably jealous. Now I knew I was not suppose to get a bra, but it was some- thing that mom and Jennifer were going to do without me. You see I was not invited to go, it was girls only. So the next day, mom and Jennifer left to go shopping leaving me home alone. I went into the living room and just sat there on the sofa and"pouted". It seemed like an eternity had passed when I heard a car door slam. The next thing that happened was unexpected. Jennifer ran into the room and in her excitement pulled up her blouse exposing her new bra. She exclaimed, "isn't it just wonderful, I love it". Now I had seen bras before. My mom would leave hers in the bathroom all the time and I never took real notice.

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