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My sexual fantasy

I am a 19 year old male and have watched shemale porn for years. It started by me curiously seeing what exactly a "shemale" was. I love to watch a shemale fuck the brains out of a man's ass and mouth and have him begging for more. There is only one problem with me watching shemale porn... It's not enough to just watch the porn now, I want my ass and mouth to be fucked like those guys on here. So here is my sexual fantasy...

After a hard night of work, I went to the bar to relax and unwind like usual. I go to the bar so often I know almost everybody hanging out there every night except for tonight. Over at the end of the bar I saw a blond with an absolutely stunning face and body. She had an ass that stuck out beneath her tight leather skirt and a perky set of tits under the tank top she wore. She had a tattoo of a rose running from her ankle to her knee and a tattoo of a word scribbled in cursive on her wrist. Tattoos drive me wild! I couldn't help but to stare not even caring about getting caught looking.

Once I got a couple drinks in me and a few occasions of eye contact that lasted for just a little bit longer than neccessary I was ready to go talk to her.

"Hey, I'm Phil." I said.

She smiled at me with the most beautiful eyes and smile, and said "Hi I'm Miranda!" Her voice immediately put a chill up my spine.

"You new around here?" I asked nervously. "I come in here all the time and have never seen you."

"Yes, I just moved here from New York."

After about 20 minutes of small talk she asked me back to her place. I accepted the offer before she even took a breath.

Her apartment was a small, cozy little place with a nice view of the skyline. She poured us both some wine and she lit a fire as we sat on the couch and talked. After an hour into more small talk, she placed her hand on mine and began running her fingers up and down my arm. My cock starting to stiffen up, I placed my hand on her thigh.

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