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My Recent Holiday Treat

I've come to accept that I am a bit of a dirty girl sometimes. Most of the time I think that I could easily fall into be labeled a nerdy, quiet goth girl, book worm and not at all up of current trends. A misfit as I was called in high school. But there's another side of me. A side that craves sexual fantasies and that images me as someone completely different from the way I am in every other part of my life. I recently got to fulfill one of those fantasies this past Thanksgiving with a friend of mine that I have desired for a long time.

Brenna with her beautiful pale skin, red hair, petite figure and large cock. Although, we are like sisters I've admired and craved her for a long time. I would often fantasize about getting to watch her have sex with someone and then having the pleasure of cleaning up after. Yeah, I'm very submissive.

The conversation had popped up a few days prior and at first, I thought that she was only joking. Because Brenna is like that, she jokes a lot. But she kept asking me how I would feel if she invited me over to join her and a guy that for the sake of privacy I'll just call Marshal.
I said yes because I wasn't going to be able to go home on Thanksgiving this year and it'd be nice to not just sit around the house doing nothing alone. So, I went over and sure enough she was serious. Marshal was there. He was a large fairly handsome guy with greenish-brown eyes-kind of scruffy but that's sexy to me.

He greeted me kindly and said that Brenna told him a lot of nice things about me. He asked about my ancestry which I assume they had talked about and he was interested in. After an interesting conversation mainly on cultural food. Brenna and Marshal started making out. And at this point I would have been happy to just watch, my heart began racing just seeing him grab Brenna's ass and her getting erect under that little black skirt. But then Brenna reached for me, ushering me close to them. Marshal kissed me on the lips, his stubble was rough, and Brenna caressed my breasts. I became erect almost instantly.

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