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My Rape Fantasy

I want to be raped. I need a forceful guy to fuck me when I’m completely unable to stop him. I’m a crossdresser who is an anal virgin, and for years I’ve wanted to lose it, but never had the courage. I’ve dressed and cammed and come so close to being fucked, but always wussed out. So if I don’t have the courage to do it willingly, I need someone to take the decision out of my hands.

I need someone who will be forceful, convince me to give them my address, invite themselves round and not take no for an answer. Someone who will ignore me when I tell him I’ve changed my mind and plead for him to stop, and go ahead fuck my asshole anyway. No safewords or anything like that; I’d only use them to stop. As soon as I let the guy in, that’s me consenting to him doing what he wants to me; whatever it is he wants to do to me. From that point on, nothing I can do or say can stop him getting his cock inside my virgin ass and fucking me.

I know this is a crazy thing to ask for, but it’s want I need and I will be grateful for it afterwards. I can’t explain just how aroused I am by the thought of finally being used as a slut. I want to be dressed in my lingerie, stockings, suspenders, corset as well as wig, fake nails and lashes, short skirt and tight top, dressed like a real tart, ripe for fucking. I’m so turned on by the stupidity and danger of it as well. I want him to tie my hands behind my back as soon as he comes in, so I can’t fight back. I want to be completely helpless and at his mercy. If he wants to fuck me bareback, straight in my ass with no protection, I can’t stop him. If wants to pull his cock out my ass and force it down my throat so deep his balls bounce on my chin, I can’t stop him. If he wants to film me, screaming and thrashing about, tied up and helpless, as he takes my anal virginity, I can’t stop him. I would even say at the start of the film I consent to it all in advance. I’m almost cumming writing this.

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