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My Preference for Girls didn't change

When I decide to finally go into my transition, I kinda felt I might think differently about boys. Well I guess I do some. I like gay boys or more feminine boys now than before I started trans, but I find I still like girls. Most trans girls I know now prefer to have sex with boys. Maybe I'm confused, but I kind of like sex with girls and trans girls more now. So lemme go on.
Last weekend I was sharing a house with a friend and decided to go out to the pool. Cate was going shopping and asked me to watch for the doorbell because Trista was coming over. I had heard some talk about Trista from friends gossip and all (which I hate) but anyways, I was a little bit looking forward to meeting her. OK I really was looking forward to MEETING her, you know?
I guess Trista is used to letting herself in, so I didn't realize she was behind me when I got a feeling of someone watching me. I wouldn't have felt so self consious, but I had a finger down my floral print bikini at the time.
She simply said hey girl, you must be Ceedi at first, but after a light pause she continued with I think you better tuck it in if you don't want me to attack you babe! My face turned so red and I couldn't turn to face her. The girl I'd wanted to notice me. ....... I better continue this. Sorry!

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