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My one and only wish...

I can't really explain it, but I love big, fat, juicy cock on a girl. Nothing in this world makes my dick harder than a rock hard cock bulging out of a girl's cum-filled panties. My only problem is, I've never been with a transsexual, but I've always been curious, very curious.

When I sit back on my down time, I day dream of how magical my first taste of cock would be while stroking my lonely, cock-deprived dick, and it goes a little something like this...

I've always imagined a tall, thick, semi-muscular, caramel-skin transsexual woman in a beautiful, tight, white dress coming into my room as I lay down saying, "Are you ready to get fucked?"

As my lights dim, I respond with, and only with silence and submission.

Instantly, my dick jumps straight up into the air while I spread my legs, waiting for it to be soaked by her salivating mouth as I suck, slurp, suck, spit on and swallow her raging, hard, caramel cock over and over and over again until her creamy cum explodes inside of my aching throat.

I imagine her grabbing my wrists after, tying them together with a shirt of mine while she forces her big dick in my wet, tight ass choking my neck and stroking my throbbing, tan dick. As each thrust gets faster and faster, I tell her, "Please don't stop, don't stop!" She looks down and screams, "Cum baby, cum, I know you love it, my little bitch, please cum!" I start cumming all over her hands, moaning, drowning in pure bliss as smile slightly, eyelids closed under my dim lights.

I imagine myself getting on my knees, instantly swallowing her 8 inch, dark caramel, fat, juicy cock. I swallow and swallow and swallow, feeling as if my mouth is having an orgasm right as her yummy cock blesses me with her delicious cum...

I always wake up from my day dream a tad bit upset for the fact that the dream wasn't reality. That my wish of swallowing a woman's cum hasn't come true. That instead of a beautiful cock isn't pounding my throat in reality. So I just lay on my bed, dick in hand, hoping that my wish comes true one day...

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