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My girly development

.... It starts with looking at girls and wondering... then it progresses to trying on girly things and thinking ... then it's, how do I look better? how do I do my makeup, hair, nails... then its time to shop for sexy pretty things....

And then it's why do women wear sexy lingerie, shoes, tight revealing clothes? why paint their pretty lips and accentuate their eyes? why does sparkly pretty jewelry look so nice? and you begin to realise they do it to attract men....

And then you search for images of others like you. comparing styles, looks and getting tips.... and then online you see others just like you having sex with men... and you wonder could I do that?

Is that why I love wearing stockings, heels and dressing like a sexy pretty girl? to attract men and have sex with them .... you start watching sissy porn and you become addicted to its telling you what you must do. You start to post pictures online and men tell you how nice you look and what they want for you...

You no longer see females as you did. They are there to learn from not to be attracted by.... then you realise that in many ways you are more female than them you are hyper femme... for you lingerie has to be super sexy, your clothing has only one purpose to make men want to have sex with you... to make them want you, to be inside you, to take pleasure from you, to fuck you....

You cannot help yourself now... you love the compliments the desire for you from men who want you to go further for them... and you start to chat to them, post videos, maybe even cam for them. You become porn.... you learn to pleasure yourself only by being penetrated.

You are a sex object and it makes you happy.... now you will always do what men want, be what they want, and enjoy being an object that exists only for their pleasure... and you know you can never go back. Only forward.

You have become a sexy little fuck toy for them.... You have become a girl that craves sex.

Amber x

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