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My Girlfriend's Mother Has a Secret

A young man, 18, is caught spying on his girlfriends mother in her bedroom, and is taught a hard lesson. Characters: Tim, 18, Student; Susan, Tim's Girlfriend; and Julie, 44, Susan's Mother ;-).

Julie sat at her dressing table, preparing for bed; she brushed her long dark, which was one of the pride and joys. Normally, this would help her relax and unwind, but tonight, and on several other nights, she found that remained tense. She couldn't get over the feeling that somebody was watching her, for several days, perhaps a week; when she was alone around the house; she'd have an odd sensation of being watched. Sometimes, she was sure she had caught the sound of heavy breathing. She continued to brush her hair, and again she felt she wasn't quite alone, although tonight, the feeling was very strong, she was certain that she was being watched. She looked around her bedroom. The curtains were drawn shut, and she was definitely alone, and yet, she still felt as if somebody was close watching her.

Hmmm she thought, perhaps I have a horny little ghost, and felt a little tingle in a belly. She had to admit, she did like being watched. Sometimes she left her curtains open and imagined somebody was outside watching her. When she was in the mood, she would play online, dressing up, and putting on the webcam, and then slowly taking it all off. But this was something different, both exciting and chilling at the same time. For a moment, she let her imagination drift, imagined that there was a ghost. She stood up and moved so that she was standing facing the full length mirror next her bedroom door.

Julie closed her eyes, and stretched her arms upwards, while at the same time arching her back and pushing her large firm breast outwards. There, was that her imagination or was that somebody taking sharp intake of breath. She brought her hands down and the ran them down over sheer material of her dressing gown, and then back up, moving over belly, she pulled on the dressing gown belt so that I fell open. She ran her hands up and cupped her breasts, caressing and squeezing them. In her imagination, the heavy breathing was louder.

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