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My Girlfriends Friend Shayla

I walk up to the door of my girlfriend?s apartment. As I start to slide the key into the lock, I can hear slight muffled noises from inside. As the door slowly opens, I am met by the sight of my girlfriend laying with her legs spread wide open on the couch and her super sexy friend Shayla, who I?ve always wanted to see naked, on her knees eating my girlfriend out. Shayla?s tight ass looks so incredibly sexy with that hot pink thong on.

I shut the door behind me and walk up to the couch as I get nice wide smiles from both of these sexy beauties. Shayla slides her tongue back into my girlfriends tight slit as she cups one of her own voluptuous breasts and starts to pinch and pull her nipple.

My girlfriend grabs me by the belt and yanks me towards her. She scrambles to undo my pants, and once my semi hard cock is out she places her wet lips around it. The warm, wet feeling is so incredible. She runs her lips up over the head of my cock and down the shaft. Then she grabs both of my ass cheeks and slides my now pulsing hard cock all the way down her throat as she starts to lick my balls.

While she is doing this, Shayla watches and continues to lick all over my girlfriends soaking wet clit. As she looks up at me with a lustful grin, she pushes my girlfriend?s knees to her chest and starts to slowly lick around her asshole. My girlfriend lets out a muffled groan as Shayla slides the tip of her tongue into that tight little brown hole. Shayla then starts to shove her tongue deep into my girlfriend?s asshole, spreading it open and getting a full taste of what she has to offer.

My girlfriend then sits up, releasing my cock from her mouth, and says, ?I want to taste my pussy and ass juices as they drip off your tongue!? as she leans forward and deep tongue kisses Shayla.

They kiss for a minute, then both of them turn to me. As they both stand up, Shayla pushes me onto my back on the couch as my girlfriend gets into the 69 position on top of me. She slides my cock into her mouth again as she reaches back and spreads her cheeks for me to see her delicious asshole just waiting to be explored.

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