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My friend Pete

When I was 15 my friend Pete and I used to race around on our bikes nicking porn mags from corner shops. We used to take them to the local park and read through them with our cocks straining at our school shorts.

As time went on we started to take turns going behind a bush or into the toilet and wanking off over the porn mags. I really wanted to suck Petes hot cock but I was too shy to ask so it remained a fantasy. One day I snuck up to the toilet window outside the tennis club to see if I could see Pete wanking over the latest edition of Club magazine. I nearly shot my load when I saw him pumping away at his big beautiful circumcised cock. He was pulling at his big balls and to my delight he was scooping the precum from his cock eye and eating it. Before long he shot 4 fat strings of cum all over the floor. My cock was so hard and wet that the pre cum spot was visible on my shorts.

I rushed around to the toilet door and knocked on it telling him i needed to cum. The door lock was broken so I pushed in before he had a chance to mop up his spunk from the floor. He left the room as I pulled my swollen prick from my shorts. As I was pumping my cock I reached down and scooped some of Petes hot cum off the floor and smeared it all over my shaft. Fuck I was in heaven as my hand slid freely over my veiney cock. I took some of Petes cum and rubbed it over my lips. That was it. I shot 6 or seven huge bolts of hot cum all over the room to distances of about 6 feet. My cock and balls were throbbing as we rode off on our bikes.

This type of scene carried on for a few years until we were 18 and both had cars. One day I rang him up and told him I had scored some real hot porn mags and asked if he wanted to come over to my house to have a look. He was around in about 15 minutes and it was obvious that he had a hard on already. We were sitting on my old brown couch with the mags open on the floor in front of us when I told him that I just had to have a wank. I got my hard cock out right there in front of him and started wanking.

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