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My first time as a Femboy CD

My name is Nick aka. Nicole. I am a 20 year old gay femboy crossdresser and this is a little story of how I started dressing to become Nicole and my first sexual experience besides masturbation.

I grew up living in an apartment complex with my mother and sister, who was 2 years older than me. My mom was and still is a good mother who raised me and my sister after my dad left us when I was 4 never to be seen again. We three grew up in an apartment complex living in a 3 bedroom unit on the second floor and overall we had it okay.

I was always feminine acting ever since I could remember. From the way I talked in my natural voice, my actions and mannerisms were all feminine and I sometimes got teased or called a “Fag” by people in my peer group, but never thought of myself as gay and I liked looking at naked pictures of girls and even spied on my very pretty older sister when she was having sex or giving one of her boyfriends a blow job and when I discovered masturbation I thought of girls, but that all changed when I was 13 and discovered crossdressing.

I don’t know why I started dressing in my sister’s panties and bras, but when I was 13 I found myself curious and did just that. It started simple enough; I would steal my sister’s underwear from her room or better was when I got her dirty ones. I loved her dirty panties the best and even though it was perverted with her being my sister I would sniff the crotch of her worn and unwashed panties as I masturbated. It was not long before I got a hold of one of her unwashed pair that was soiled with a boy’s cum. It was a pair she worn after she had been fucked by one of her boyfriends and I could smell both their sex fluids mixed together and I masturbated so many times that day sniffing and licking the crotch of her panties as I tasted both her and the boy’s fluids.

After a couple of months my wearing her panties and bras progressed to wearing her other clothes as well and then stealing either her makeup or my mother’s and putting it on.

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