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My First Sex Session

I am an Asian crossdresser living part-time. The reason I decided to dress is ever since I was little, I had been getting signals. First at my boarding school when I was fourteen, which is where that experience happened. Every Wednesday night was devoted to activities run by your adviser. I had an adviser who always made our group stay at his apartment. He would order some pizza, and show us movies he'd rented.
Mr. Hutchins was a burly man, with a scruffy beard. He had a bit of a pot belly too. He stood about 6'2", and always burped in public. At the time, I was 5'5", 100 lbs, and had scant pubes just coming in above my 2 inch cock. I was completely smooth all over. But, if I may say so myself, on the account of all the running I did with the cross-country team, I had a great, tight, firm ass. It looked real feminine, and in my short running shorts, the bottom crease of my ass would at times show.
Some of my team-mates would stare, then look away when I caught them. Then, after practice in the shower, some guys would slap my ass for fun. But, I could tell they felt a little guilty about it, on the account of my body looking so feminine.
So, that Wednesday, I had come back to the dorm early from cross-country practice. I had taken a shower at the gym, but everyone else had gone to the rec center to watch some tv before going to be with their adviser. I went to my dorm, Beatty, early. I wanted to see what Mr. Hutchins was up to.
I knocked on the door. I could hear some grunting and moaning inside. I peered through the door crack, and caught a glimpse of Ms. Stewart with her dress down to her ankles, head bobbing up and down. Mr. Hutchins was standing over her, with his hand on her head.
"She's giving him head," I said to myself, and kept watching. After a few more minutes, Mr. Hutchins grabbed Ms. Stewart closer, and jizzed over her hair, grunting loudly. She quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. After a few minutes, she came out, and left through the back door. Mr. Hutchins sunk into his couch and turned on the tv.

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