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My first pre-op story

I started becoming interested in transsexuals a couple years ago, when I ran across some websites where I found some crossdressers attractive. I was 19 at the time. This led me to picking up Transformation magazine, a magazine more for the TG community, but they featured some really got centerfolds with trannies as well. I thought the girls looked incredibly sexy, but I was not turned on by their cocks. I would masturbate to their pictures where they were wearing panties only, or something amongst those lines.

Then one day I was masturbating on my computer, when I came across a TS website, and the Tgirl had a huge hard on. This really turned me on, and when I saw that stiff cock, I pretty much changed my sexual orientation that moment! I fantasized for transsexuals often for months, and eventually felt the need to experiment. I would get so anxious looking at the TS porn, that I had to do something. Real girls turned me on, and still do, but TS drove me wild. I always loved the female form, but usually fantasized about a girl in her panties, as I was not attracted to pussy on a visual level. But now I found this female form, with a hard cock, and it all came together.

I went to a TS night club where I met a short, petite Filipino transsexual. Usually with TS I just make eye contact for a few seconds, then one of us approaches the other. I never pay money to go home with anyone, just patience and a bit of confidence. So that's what I did, I made eye contact with this TS , and eventually she approached later on that night. She was really drunk, and within a minute of meeting her, we were making out. We actually got along really well, and she was a really smart girl. We clicked really well, so we were all over each other for the rest of the night.
I'd be sitting down on one of the lounge couches, and she would give me a little strip tease lap dance. I still felt like I was with a real girl, until she pulled down her pants while giving me a little lap dance, to reveal some small see through pink panties, and you could see her little cock in the front. That drove me nuts, I had fantasized about it for so long, and here it was, so close, just covered by a little small layer of lace. That's when I knew, that night would be the night I acted out on my thoughts.

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