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My first night was making love to a man

First ....

My name is Lely Bella Calistia, of course it's the name when I decided to become Shemale. My age is now 28th, I became a shemale when I was 24th, when I first chose to be a shemale because I was obsessed with my ex girlfriend, after parting ,, .. maybe because I really miss her and can not meet, I start wearing her clothes, dress up like her , and behave like her. When I was 25th I decided to become a fully shemale and change some parts. Yes glimpse of a story about me.

My first night .....

After a year I became a shemale, I became friends with some girlfriends and some shemale and one of my friends named Mia, when we went to the gym and I was introduced by a man by Mia, his body was big, his body was thick and his big penis looks prominent under his trousers , and the passion in my body slightly increased. He says he wants to know me and he likes me, Mia tells me that I am alone and do not have a partner, I am a little embarrassed, awkward and my face flushed, because this is the first time a man says that he likes me.
When he came home from the gym he drove me home, while in the car he always praised me, said sweet and it made me a little embarrassed and my feelings bewildered me, after I got home I went straight to my room, and for some reason? My heart was beating fast, because this was the first time I was close to a man.
After that day of introduction, for a month I dated him several times, he danced me to dinner and to fun places. At that time he took me to dinner and after driving me home in the car in front of the house, he said he wanted to kiss me, I was so confused because this is the first time a man wants to kiss me, he keeps looking at me and I allow it, he holds my hand and he approaches to my lips with a seductive red lipstick, he licked my lips and I was a little awkward and I kissed him back, as he kissed me suddenly fingers to my chest and down to feel my thighs and my cock-covered panties. Then I stopped him because this was the first time for me.

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