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My first encounter while being dressed

After almost 5 years finally all the countless hours of practice and I'm proud to be the sissy slut I want. I decided to hangout with a cute gay guy and shared my wild side about Jada. And showed him my pics and vids and after he was sooo kind to find me clothes to wear I showed him what I luv to do best as Jada Roxx, suck cock. First the feel of it is much better then I imagined and if it were just an inch or two bigger I would have the best time ever. He said I'm a natural he loved my effort and could tell I've been wanting that forever and after that the only thing better would be more dicks at once. Yeah I thinks it's kind of bad of me to want bigger and more on my first cock..i still find girls hot and would love to show how i am dressed up or better yet tgirls. I'm open to any and all ppl so long as were all having fun and respect our selves. But overall I thought id have more fun I think the next time will be better and hopefully I'll make him cum, he couldn't finish and had to stop before I could get my fasical but next time imma be ready and more then willing to show him and maybe others my sissy side. Tonight was the beginning very soon I'll show ya how Jada rocks out ???? so overall I give it a 7/10 the whole experience from opening up about dressing to my mouth hitting his cock and sucking his balls for almost an hour. He said I was a natural so I'm happy to know you officially have a cock sucking sissy and I'm a good one too only to get better. Of course I'm just over excited I did and get to show ya the vid I took. Hopefully it will encourage you to join the party cuz this party girl is ready to be a real white and I can't wait. If you want my service I won't charge money but expect you to set up a place and time we can meet. I know one thing I didn't do which was shave but the next time I WILL be dolled up, shaved and with new wig and sexy lingerie. So happy, thanks for reading and watch my video I took on my page. I welcome all ur feedback I want to know that u jackoff to my body and worship it and I'll keep posting more and more till the end. ????

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