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My first encounter

This story details my first encounter with a stranger I met over the internet. I was 25 and reall getting into being a girl, I dressed all the time, and dreamed of sucking a cock dressed as who I really wanted to be. So I took a plunge in meeting someone for a quick bj in the area. I sent him some photos of me and without even receiving any pics back I decided to meet him. He was young so I thought how bad could it be? I was so nervous getting ready. I was going out dressed as a woman to get some strange dick, it was exiting. I had my hair down and a black skirk on with leopard heels and a white top. I was wearing a very hot red lipstick and purple eyeshadow. I was so ready to get a face full of cum. We decided to meet at a playground, when I pulled up I didn’t see anyone and I got a bit disappointed, but I decided to wait down there till he came. But to my surprise when I got close he appeared out of the shadows. He was very cute, wearing a hat and sunglasses to be discrete. I didn’t care though, if he knew me it was probably to late anyways and I wouldn’t sucked his dick no matter who he was. I’m sure he was a bit nervous too but he was ready. I got down on my knees and he pulled his dick out I stroked it till it got nice and hard. Which didn’t take long, he was so turned on. He had a nice cock with a big head. I remember because I felt it going tdown my throat. My first lick was so nice, I was so hooked right away. I was craving deepthroating so I didn’t waste any time. I should have teased him a bit more because after taking all his throbbing cock down my throat a couple times he said he was about to cum. I took one more deep thrust of it and I felt it throb, it was the most amazing feeling. But I wanted that load on my face so badly. I took his cock and aimed it straight at my face and took an amazing load most of it went it my mouth anyways it tastes so good. It was my first time swallowing someone else’s cum. I felt it dripping across my face and lips i could taste it, I was so horny, I knew right then that I could never go back.

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