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My first dream

Hello everyone, I'm 23, I live in Ukraine, I skinned slender guy.
Ever since high school, I began to notice that during masturbation I start to dream about our uchmtele history, it was a tall 45 year old gray-haired man.
I imagine that I'll come to it in kbinet it will close behind me the door of the castle and come to me, that, he kissed me, and then remove the pants and put me on my knees, then stick in my mouth his big dick and orders to suck, I I will swallow the ego and will Tektite IEMO mucus from the mouth, and then obblizhu in Nebo eggs.
Polle, he will turn me back to him, put my stomach on the table and went down my pants and then panties and begins to gently vsovovat my anus his big and slippery dick, I moan like a virgin because he was my first and it will vsovovat my ass very deep, and the eggs will touch my buttocks.
When he will finish the Concha will Tektite from my anus on my balls and penis.
That's the dream I had in high school years)
Eventually, I started to get involved transsexual disguised men and certainly mature daddy and the elderly)

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