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My dream pt 2

A few hours later I woke up and realized that I had fallen asleep. Sydney must have also fallen asleep as she was still in my arms. I tried to get up with out waking Sydney but that wasn't possible. She woke up and quickly put on her nightie so she could walk me to the door.

When we entered the living area we found Daniel kneeling on the floor naked with his upper torso laying on the coffee table. Savannah was right behind him and she was slowly moving back and forth as if she was fucking him from behind. When they saw us Daniel asked if we wanted to join in. Sydney told him not to be an ass as she pushed me toward the front door. When we were out side I tried to kiss Sydney but she turned and all I got was her cheek.

When I woke up the next morning I received a call from Sydney telling me that Professor Wilkinson had returned and I was expected to be in his office by nine thirty. I thanked her and tried to talk to her but Sydney told me she was to busy and we would talk later.

I worked all day with Professor Wilkinson and I had lunch with him and the Dean. It wasn't until late in the day that I finally caught up with Sydney and asked if she wanted to go out to dinner with me.

She told me that she had laundry to do since she didn't get much done the night before. When I asked if I could come over and help her she told me I was the reason she did get anything done the night before and she thought I should stay home so she could get her laundry done.

We did go out dancing on Wednesday but there was something missing that I couldn't put my finger on. Our relationship started to cool considerable from then on. We were still friends, we went out dancing and we had dinners together, but the intimacy we had shared was gone. Oh we still had sex, well she gave me blowjobs like she did before but there was something missing in those as well. They came to a stop as well a week and a half later. We never repeated the dildo scene and I for one missed it. I started to believe that was when our relationship started to die.

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