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My desire continues after Greg's departure

After Greg,my first black lover,moved away,I THOUGHT that my "experiment" was a passing one. Was I ever wrong.

I'd be in bed holding the recent centerfold up with one hand and my other stroking away,yet,when orgasm neared,my thoughts invariably turned to Greg and specifically,his big black cock in my mouth.When I came,I urgently gobbled down my own issue,imagining,of course,it was Greg's.That's when I finally figured out that whatever had been awoken in me was more than a passing fancy.

This presented a problem.Greg and I's "dates" were all quite private for a couple of reasons.I was extremely paranoid of being exposed and I was lousy at putting on make-up.Also,I had a limited wardrobe.Greg didn't seem to mind any of this.Now that I think about it,all he saw was the top of my head or the back of my wig.

Anyway,at a 4th of July party I ran into a gay high-school friend.I was taking pictures to memorialize the event with a nice 35mm.In passing,he asked if I'd be interested in shooting some pictures at a DRAG SHOW for him.I was off that night so I said I would.See,it suddenly occured to me that these were the type of people I needed to meet.I had to learn how to dress and appear as a real woman.This was accomplished with the help of a couple of really nice drag queens I met there,Misty and Diana,and a lot of patience on my part. I would come home from work and put on my "face"EVERY day,experimenting,calling those two with questions and removing and starting all over if I didn't like the results.I also put on heels and walked around my apartment 'til I went to bed to get use to them.In the middle of the night,I'd practice going up and down stairs in the building

After about six months,again with the two "gurls"help,I started going to gay bars.I looked HOT and completely passable as a woman.The problem was there weren't many black guys who weren't homosexual.I DIDN'T want them to even touch my dick. I wanted them to hold me in their arms,kiss me deeply,rub their bulging cocks against my sheer nylon clad thigh 'til I drooped to my knees and freed their ebony monsters and serviced them as a woman would.

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