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My cute, crossdressing flat mate

Boarding school fucking sucks. I'm 16 and the Captain of the Rugby team, build like a real man. Short cropped Blonde Hair and Blue eyes. Could get any woman I wanted.Locked away at an all boys school constantly. My parents live a long way out of the city so its not really practical to even go home on the weekends. It was a pretty posh school and so I just spent most of my time either studying or messing around in the gym.

I was privileged in that I only had to deal with a dual room with only one other boy. He was 16 as well but very different from me.Reasonably intellectually minded and not at all sporty he was a fair bit smaller than me, his head only came up to my chin. He wore his brown hair at the maximum length that was allowed at the school, just down to his shoulders.

I didn't have much contact with girls because of the nature of the school and being a boarder so I'd kind of noticed myself checking him out occasionally as he had a beautiful almost perfect ass, nice and round, beautiful.Truth be told I'd cracked one off to it more than once. He know I know he did and he always would wander about our room in just his underwear when we were alone.This was just the run of things until one day on a long weekend, almost everyone else had gone home for the weekend and it was pretty much just us and a few international students left in the whole huge building.

We were watching TV it was some psudo porn bullshit and it was obvious we both had the horn. It was getting close to the time where we had to retire to our rooms. "I'll see you upstairs" he said to me brightly and got off of the couch I watched his ass sway out the door but he turned and looked me straight in the eyes and smiled as he left.

I was left there on my own for a little while and vaguely considered having a quick wank but fuck where would I put the cum?I relaxed there for the half hour I had left and then when it was time I headed up to our room. I noticed something a little odd about my room mate when I went in.

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