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My crossdresser story

As some of you liked my story (my first time as a sissy) I thought I would follow it up with my next encounter.
Some 10 years had passed since my affair with Andy and I was now happily married with a family although I used to sometimes reflect on the lovely times I had with him but had decided that my bi crossdressing side was firmly locked away and that Nicole, my alter ego, was locked away with it. The only thing that remained from that era was my dislike of body hair so I was super smooth all over and my love of using a butt plug or dildo on myself.
I was now employed as a sales representative covering the North of the UK and loved my job as it was varied and no two days were ever the same, this was most certainly the case one fine autumn day! I had made an appointment with a designer to explain our product range after he had visited our stand at an exhibition. I arrived for my appointment slightly early at a private house, rechecked the address and it was correct. Some designers prefer to work from home whilst others prefer the office setting. So I got my presentation folder and rang the doorbell and after a couple of minutes it was opened by Peter, my prospective customer.
He was I would guess around late 40’s, nicely suntanned and well groomed. I apologized for being a bit early and he said not to worry and ushered me in to a large lounge overlooking the private rear garden and swimming pool but more of that later!
After a cup of tea and chit chat we got down to business sitting opposite each other with a coffee table in between and it was only then that I realized he was wearing either stockings or tights as they were clearly visible at his ankles! Anyway, I carried on showing him technical drawings of the range he was interested in but must admit I found it very hard to concentrate, so much so that Peter asked if I was ok. Yes I said glancing down at his ankles and then Peter must have realized that he was wearing nylons and went cherry red with embarrassment. To save him from further embarrassment I asked if they were tights or stockings and he said stockings. I went on to tell him that I had once been into wearing sexy lingerie and all of a sudden we were discussing bras, panties and other girly clothes as if we had known each other for ages and not under an hour!

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