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8 years ago I arrived to the capital city to attend college since I am from a small town. I lived in my aunts house by myself since she recently moved in with her new boyfriend. She still had some of her clothes in there and I stared dressing up and using her make up. Posted an ad looking for an older man to have some fun. One replied in just 15 min with a picture a 6 inch thick brown cock and his phone number. Decided to call him and gave him my address and he told me he would be there in 1 hour so I took a shower and shaved all my body. I put on a black dess with a pair of pink panties and black socks and also a pink wig my aunt got from a wedding. As I was waiting in the living room my heart was beating fast and my body was shaking a little when I receieved a message that he was outside. I just unlocked the door and he just walked in. He was a 6 feet chubby brown 45 years old man. He was polite and asked me if I was nervous, I said yes and he just laughed and told me to not worry. As we walked to my room he started grabbing my but and my chest, I just grabed his bulge and asked him if I can suck his cock. He just told me to get down on my knees and so I did. He pulled his semi hard uncut cock out and I just put it in my mouth. He moaned a little bit and as I keeped sucking I could feel his dick getting harder and bigger. After 15 minutes he took his cock out of my mouth and cum on my face. He cleaned the semen of my face with his cock and told me to suck it, I should not waste any drop. After he told me to get on 4 and he pulled my panties down. They where all soaked in precum and my cock was leaking even more. He told me to spread my cheeks and asked me if he could lick my butthole and I replies 'Yes daddy'. As he put his thounge I could not handle it and started moaning, he after grabbed my cock and start masturbating me. After like 20 minutes I ask him to fuck me but he told me to suck his cock again, so I did. When he was hard again he put me on 4 again and started to play with my butthole.

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