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My bbc adventure at the adult theater

Gurls, you have no idea. I think I'm in luv. Omg he was amazing.

No pics, but I was in my 6 inch cum fuck me pumps, had on an opaque black body stocking with red fishnet thigh highs on top of it, a frilly lacey black ultra miniskirt, black Lacey top with my corset underneath tied real tight to give me a little bit of waist, my best padded push up, short red Bobb wig, red lips, blue eyshadow etc. gotta say,I was looking pretty hott and all the guys said so.

One white guy followed me into the theater and sat next to me, the two black guys who were there were all eyes on me when I walked by and were in the room shortly after the white guy. White guy slips his pants off as we rubbing each others thighs and i'm a bit disappointed as he was soft and small,but he played with it a bit and got to a nice size as I start sucking him, and once he was hard I stood up and straddled his lap and started fucking him. While I'm doing this, my new BBC boyfriend is sitting across from me stroking my legs and the most gorgeous giant tool I've ever seen in real life, I'm literally drooling thinking about getting that in me. It was literally the size of the giant black dong i fuck myself with at home, like he modeled for it or something. Well white guy either came or had some performance issues and softened up, which was just the window I was looking for as I leaned forward, got on my knees and started jacking and sucking that gorgeous BBC. It was amazing, thick, long, I was just like a bitch in heat slurping, sucking, licking his balls, jamming as much as possible as far into my mouth and throat as possible. I slipped a condom, magnum of course, onto him and couldn't wait to get him inside me, but he started to get a little performance anxiety and lost his hardness. So I went back down on him, then started jerking him off while he stroked me, then told him to jerk off and cum on my cock, but it was starting to look like it wasn't going to happen. In the meantime, as this was all going on, white guy hijacked black guy 2 and blew him to completion and they both left.

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