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My aunt made me a transvestite

My aunt and uncle lived two doors down from me when I was growing up. They had a son one year younger than me. We played together all the time and I was at his house or him at mine all during the summer months. My aunt was a big woman, she was 6ft. tall and weighed around 165. She was even taller in her 3 inch heels. She had long auburn hair with beautiful waves in it. She wore a 9 1/2 shoe. Her hands and feet were large, but so sexy looking with nail polish on. Her blue eyes would melt you. She had a great mirrored vanity she would sit at for hours and try different combinations of makeup. She was such an attractive woman and turned men's heads every time she entered a room. She had a presence and auro about her that just radiated lust. She never left her home without being dressed and made up, she loved the attention.

I was an 11 year old boy, but had been coming to their home to wait on the school bus every morning since the day I started school. Most every morning she would still have on her sheer negligee top and bottom. Even though I was young and didn't really know about sex, I loved looking at her breast and pussy through the sheerness. I used to look forward to it every day.

There was one morning school had been cancelled because of snow. So, my cousin and me were snowed in for the day with my aunt. She decided to sit at her vanity and enjoy playing around with her look. It was amazing and fun to watch how different she could make herself look with makeup. My cousin asked her to make him up to see what he would look like. That was when the heat began to rise. She made him up into one of the hottest looking little girls you would ever want to see. She wanted to see what I would look like made up too, so I let her make me up. She was loving it and kept telling me how pretty I looked and how the makeup made my eyes so gorgeous. We were all loving it and having a fun time. Then she put some of her best costume jewelry on us too. We looked like two hot little sexy young girls. Once I looked in the mirror at myself, that was it, a transvestite was born on that day at 11 years old.

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