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My aunt Fergie trained me

I was sent to Aunt Fergie when my parents were killed. She is about 5'7" and 200 lbs she was your stereotypical aunt with some fat and wide hips and big breast. She picked me up at the bus station in her car.

She said," My household is different and special I have girls who you will find are very unique. I too am unique and I will show you what I mean when we go home."

We rode for a half-hour and we arrived to her big old which I would find was an old Victorian with a widow's roost on top of the roof.

She escorted me to the bedroom that would be mine and told me," Put your clothes and things away."

I went started hanging up my pants and put my underwear and socks in the top drawer and put the rest of my stuff away.

Aunt Fergie poked her head into the door and asked," Are you through putting your things away?"

I said," Yes I am."

She said," Good now come with me."

As we went through the hallway she pointed to the closet and said," Put your luggage in there and follow me."

I followed her to the bedroom and she reached underneath her dress and pulled her panties down. Her panties were the usual old women's panties. What I saw next shocked me to my core she had an 8" cock!

She said," Now here is the situation you can make your living here pleasant or unpleasant."

I asked," How should I make my living here pleasant?"

She said," First take off all your clothes including your underwear."

I didn't want my living here to be unpleasant and my 11 year old curiousity was getting the better of me so I did as I was told.

She told me," Put your hands down by your side and you will get used to walking around in the house and outside naked."

I said," Outside?"

She said," Yes, there is no house around us for miles and you can't see up here from the road so when you come home you will take off all of your clothes."

I said," Yes mam."

She said," Good now get on your knees like a good boy."

I got down on my knees.

She said," Now open your mouth it is time for you to learn to suck a cock. You will be sucking them."

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