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My Affair With Jenny

I met Jenny online after I liked a sexy photo of her while beating off one day and left a comment. Shortly after she sent me a friend request and we begin exchanging hot emails. She was coming to my area and wanted to meet. I was really nervous I had been with my sexy TG girlfriend for 20 years and never cheated but unfortunately we were like some old married couple just fucking every other week and my hard wet cock needed more.

When I got to her room Jenny was even cuter in person than her photos. She had been dressing for a few years and had some mediocre CL encounters and wanted a more. She wanted someone experienced making love to a CD. Jenny had dark black shoulder length hair, light blue eye shadow, thick dark lashes and bright red lips, long earrings that sparkled in the light. She wore a cute red choker around her neck, followed by a tight black dress that stopped mid-thigh above her knees. She had silky dark thigh highs with the top just peaking from under her tight dress, topped off with dark black high heels.

We were a little nervous but quickly a familiarity over took us from our online exchanges. As we became comfortable with one another our lips touched and mouths opened as our tongues danced with one another. My arms held her tight as our lips and tongues continued the passion. As we kissed I slowly slid the zipper down the back of her dress. Jenny let her dress fall to the floor as she stood there in a red bra, silky red panties, dark black thigh highs and dark black heels. My lips tasted her sexy ears and neck as my hands caressed her sexy silky cover ass. I slid down the left strap of her bra as my tongue darted across her nipple jenny moaned lightly. I slipped down the other strap of her bra and tasted as sucked her nipples over and over as she unbuttoned my jeans. While I teased her nipples with my lips she pulled out my hard wet cock and began to stroke it, she continued stroking my hard wet cock while as my mouth and tongue kept working over her flat sexy titties.

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