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My adventure with two BBC

For those who do not know me, I am a submissive crossdresser and i assume myself like a real sexual addicted, So, imagine how much I like to be fucked.
On a certain day Iwas leaving for breakfast when my old Plymouth decided not to start I do not know anything about cars, and i became stressfull . This was not my surprise when I saw that they were two of my neighbors look at me. They were both black, and both had a thick bodies.
Both spoke to me, expressing the desire of wanting to help me.
-Good Afternoon neighbor, can we help? ? He asked the highest
- Good afternoon! I thanked. I do not know what gave you, now you do not want to catch? I retorted, with trembling lips.
-has Gasoline? ? He asked the other.
- Has. Even this morning I put it? I exclaimed.
The highest came into the car and began to move in the ignition while the blond lay down under the engine bay. I could peek at him by the belly and the color of the boxers; I was excited, I confess.
-already Seen what it is! ? He cried down there? When I say, you give the key! ? He ordered it to your friend.
After ten seconds, the car was working. Those two matulões had me solved the problem and I was grateful to them for it.
- It was the starter cable was loose. It is now fixed! ? He said smiling. I could see her white teeth.
Immediately I felt in the offset obligation, as they had been with dirty hands engine oil. I invited them to come in, and to clean up there in the house, which they approved welcome.
I sent an sms to Miriam, to postpone the coffee outlet, because I knew that with those two rapagões indoors, there would be stew absolute certainty.
As they wiped, I went to the fridge, took three beers and serve drinks. We sat quietly on the couch, on a balmy prattle. They were quite amusing, but I've just thought of having those spars at my disposal.
My eyes no longer strayed from their beautiful bodies, until I could not resist more! I leaned over the top, named Eusebius and gave him a party in the face. Then I his hand up her leg, which felt his boner. ui, that horny so great that he had!
Then I turned to the other, who was called Ronaldo and kissed him as well. I told them they were beautiful and it was crazy to fornicate with them.

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