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My adventure at the adult bookstore

I was horny as fuck the other afternoon. I had some time to kill so I hit and fetlife seeing if there were any dudes needing a free blo-n-go. Nobody took me up. Sad face.

I drove to the local adult book store that has video booths. I was sitting in the parking lot watching people go in and out. This one car pulled in, parked next to me, then left. A few minutes later it came back, this time pulling in a space a few cars away. After a few minutes, it left that spot and pulled in next to me again. I looked over at the driver and he looked at me. He appeared to be pulling his pants down so I watched. A minute later he was arching his hips up so I could see his rock hard cock in his hands. He stayed arched up while he stroked his big dick (he is the dark meat in my recent pics). I got out of my car and got in the passenger seat of his car as he continued jacking off. I replaced his hand with mine and stroked him as pre-cum began leaking. I leaned down and swallowed his cock, devouring all his pre-cum. I sucked up and down, and worked it deep down my throat with my tongue. I was squeezing his balls as he looked nervously around the parking lot to make sure we weren’t being seen. I pulled up and started sticking my tongue in his pee hole. He said he was going to cum so I took it all the way down and held it until he erupted in my throat. He must have shot at least 8 huge spasms of cum before he was done. I swallowed every drop. After sucking him clean, I got out and he drove away. No words were ever spoken!

I went inside the ABS and went to the booths. There were a few guys milling about and a few others in the booths either getting sucked or fucking some sweet ass. I wandered around looking in the windows for a bit. Then I asked a guy outside a booth if he wanted a bj. He grabbed my dick through my pants and I did the same to him. We entered a booth and I pulled his big dick out. Whew! It was nice (he is the guy in the pics with the blue flowery shirt). As he stood there I sat in the chair and began sucking him.

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