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My 1st transgender experience

Many years ago I was living near the San Francisco area. I had purchased the most recent Hustler magazine and one of the layouts had Shannon. She was so beautiful, and oh my what a cock. I had only ever been with women and did not consider myself gay, but for some reason I wanted to suck that cock. I cannot recall how many loads of spunk I blew looking at those pages of Shannon, she was so gorgeous.

Realizing I wanted more than pictures, I borrowed a tabloid from a friend of mine called "The Spectator". In it were ads to meet people and after overcoming a few initial jitters I called a girl's number (I don't remember her name) didn't go well. Being too honest I told her this was my first time; she made a disgusted sigh and hung up on me. Realizing forthright honesty was probably not the best idea I tried another number, Gloria, who boasted a 9" cock. Really...9 inches? Only porn stars have 9" cocks, so I called. We talked a few minutes and she said to meet her the next day and gave me her address; it was an apartment about a block from Polk St.

I drove into the city the next day and as I got closer and closer to her apartment the butterflies, in my stomach, multiplied. Nervous as hell, I almost didn't knock on her door, but I did. A beautiful, dark-skinned, Amazon size woman, wearing a white negligee, opened the door and escorted me into her very small apartment. Depositing me on the bed, she asked, "What gift did you bring me?” Caught completely off guard, I stuttered out a reply, "I didn't bring anything; I don't understand." She didn't appear mad but excused herself and went into the bathroom for a few moments. Fear gripped me as questions shot through my head. Was she an escort? She didn't say that on the phone. What kind of gifts is she asking for? Is that a tactic to get around prostitution? What did I get myself into? My thoughts were interrupted as the bathroom door opened and she stood there, her negligee open, displaying her gorgeous, statuesque body. Some of my fear abated but I still felt stupid not understanding what she wanted. My eyes ran down the length of her body from her face, to her c-cup breasts, to her crotch...

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