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My 1st time with a CD

I was getting tutoring in HS and the tutor and I usually met at the library. This day he asked me to meet him at home because his wife was out of town and he had chores to do. No problem I thought. When I arrived I could tell he's been drinking. He offered me one which I took. He excused himself and came back showered, in a see through nighty, barefoot, g string panties and a short blond wig. He and I both knew we wanted each other and I rushed to him. He led me downstairs to the guest room which had a spa tub. My teacher instructed me in and and I cleaned myself thoroughly. He then laid out some of his daughter's bikinis which I loved, but did not get them on before we shaved each other clean. He led me to the mirrored bed where i stripped him and he me. We sucked each other for 30 min before blasting each other's faces with our juices. After resting, he worked on my ass with his tongue forever before having me getting him hard and slick again. I rode my teacher until my knees gave out , so he flipped me and finished me off fave to face, blasting a load in my ass. We were silent for a bit but then talked it thru. We'd been yearning for each and had the same interests. We got together for 6 more months where he continued his dressing and I was his hairless gurl. Best school year I ever had until college, but that's for another time.

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