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Morning Head Becomes All Day Affair

I just woke up, super horny, and reach down with my hand, take out your soft cock and slowly work

it while your still sleeping. Making it harder...and...harder til it's rock hard, I slip under our silk sheets

and wrap my hot mouth around you stiff rod. Licking and caressing it up....and down. Ohhh,

its.....SO big. So VERY big. Your so hard, I can feel your veins bulging, I go up and down bottoming

out at your balls every time. I pause and take each one of your silky balls into my mouth to massage

them, they need love too. You rise from your slumber and realize that I'm giving you your favorite

morning head. I can feel your hands coming down to pull my hair into tight ponytail. You have a

good firm grip on my head as I continue bobbing up and down. You're getting stiffer now and can

sense you're about to unleash a torrent of hot cum. In thrilled anticipation I pick up the pace to a

fever stroking and sucking harder now. Your body gets hard as stone, you grab the sides of my head

and thrust you big hard cock all the way into my throat, and you explode with wave after wave of hot

white cum. I begin swallowing load after load, mmmm Daddy it's so good. You release my head

and I begin to lick and clean every bit of spit and cum off your delicious cock and slip it back inside

your sexy boxers. I slip from under the sheets with a satisfied grin on my face. I kiss you softly and

whisper in your ear, "Thank you Daddy". I cuddle up next to you, and hold me in your powerful arms.

After what seems like hours, I feel your strong hands caressing me and I moan at your velvety

touch. Oh, I know you've had a good rest. I also know that you're ready for more then just morning

head. I feel your hand groping at my little sissy cock and balls. I really wish we could afford for me

to get the HRT and SRS surgery, but I understand. I feel you move slowly under our sheets to

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