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Michael’s Visitation

I was on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Miami. I thought to myself that my seat mate like a little in flight entertainment. I decided to wear my platinum blonde hair pulled back in a pony with some wispy bangs, dangly floral ear rings, light eye make up, but heavy on the lipstick (always heavy on the lipstick because that’s my signature when sucking cock, lipstick cock rings). My 42C tits tightly packaged in a shiny teal green satin crop top t-shirt with my nipples pressed through the flimsy material. My well tanned, firm, smooth belly exposed with my belly button jewelry dangling just above my black pleather short shorts. My cock neatly packed away in my g-string but not tucked, so when I would get a hard on the outline of my cock and balls would show in my shorts. My smooth long shapely legs rounds out the ensemble with a pair silver leather strappy calf length sandals with 4 inch heels. Both my nails on my hands and feet are finished in scarlet nail polish.

The flight was not fully booked so there were plenty of empty seats on board the plane. I was going for the weekend to meet a friend. He loves it when I greet him at the arrivals entrance with cum on my breath, but I am getting a head of myself. Flying first class my seat assignment was in the first row of seats, next to the pilot’s door and steward’s station. I made a point after take off that I would walk the aisle of the plane shaking my ass and wiggling my hips with an exaggerated movement every time I would go to the bathroom in the back of the plane. The looks I get from the other passengers especially the young men made my cock grow hard. By the time I had walked the plane twice my cock was definitely visible beneath my shorts. On my third walk up the aisle, a young man followed me. In the back I invited him to the bathroom with me and he gladly took me up on the invitation. He was no more than 15 years old, cute with short crew cut and maybe a little mustache starting to come in over his upper lip. He was about 6 foot, well built with an AC/DC t-shirt baggy pants and flip-flops.

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