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Meranda James date

Vince rang my doorbell at about 7. I answer the intercom and I buzz and let him in. There were couple minutes and he was at my door. I opened the door and his eyes of hazel brown cut into me and sent a shiver up my spine. The look told me He like what he liked. He was about 5 foot 11 tall. I knew is age from all the coms we had before we arranged this date. He was 35 yrs old and of medium build nice smile. I invited him in we approached each other and he kissed me on the cheeky. He complemented me on the way I looked and what I was wearing. I said Thank you and offer him a drink. But he said "we had better get going has we would need to get to Worcester for the Film." I got my coat and for the door. As we headed down the stairs and I notice what sexy ass he'd got in his tight jeans. We got to his car He opened the open the door for me I got in. He got in and we drove off we made small talk and now and then when he was changing gear he would brush my leg with his hand. It felt so good and I just looked at him and smiled.
We got to Worcester and parked up. He reach over and we kissed It was so nice and sexy. He held my hand from the car to the cinema. We got to the cinema and he got the tickets and he took my hand again. We got our seats and the lights went down. We were just down from the back row on the left and at The Vue if no one sat next you can lift arm of the seat and turn it almost into a sofa so I did curled feet on next seat and Vince asked if he could lift arm between us. Of cause I said yes and I and put his arm round me and I cuddled into him we kissed again.
The Movie started we watched the Film "the king speech" and we cuddled all the way thought it. During the film I eased my hand on to his leg and kissed again. Something was developing in his trousers and it was a nice size. I was getting wet myself.
But all to soon the film ended and the lights went up, we straight ourselves and headed for the door hand in hand on the way back to car we stopped for kiss and his hands were on my ass is cock was getting very hard it felt big, I was so turned on but we were still in Worcester.
I said "come on Vince calm down let's get to my place" and he said "ok sweetheart". We headed for the car.

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