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Making of a Sissy pt2

After Tom had dressed me & now had the photo evidence I knew I was at his mercy. I also knew that the blowjob I had given him wouldn't be all he was looking to get from me to keep my secret.
He was soon messaging me, telling me when to be at his, along with a picture of me dressed, with a cock in my mouth and a face full of his cum. Knowing I had no choice if I didn't want that picture plus the many others to be public knowledge I agreed to be there Friday night.
I arrived around 8pm and was immediately sent upstairs and told to get ready as he wanted me. I went up & was greeted to a set of red lingerie, bra and thong laid out for me along with stockings, garter belt and some heels too. I undressed myself and started to slip into the outfit laid out, plus the blonde wig & make up there too. I started downstairs & again could hear the click of the camera as my secret gained Tom more leverage to use over me.
As soon as I was in the room I was again pushed to my knees and made to work his cock with my mouth, sucking his cock to the point it was rock hard I could hear the camera going again & again. He was soon pulling me up to my feet though & then I heard 'bend over' protests at this next step where again met with the confirmation that if I didn't then these pictures would be on their way to my parents and anyone else who knew me.
I had no choice but to get on all fours in front of this man I had been totally trusting off no more than a week ago, and now I was about to have no choice but to take his cock in my virgin ass. The thong was pulled to one side & I could feel his fingers slowly work my now lubed up hole. First one finger, then another, before he was slowly finger fucking my tight ass. I hated to admit it but I was getting really horny from it, new feelings where coming to me & I wanted to explore more. Once they slid out I felt him move closer & new what was about to happen. As the top of his rock hard cock reached my ass I could only beg for him not too one last time, but to no use. He slid into me & I moaned louder than I had ever done before, he stayed there allowing my no longer virgin ass to get use to what is now common practice, before sliding more and more of himself into me until all 7 inches where inside my ass.

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