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Making A Man Out Of Tommy

I have two good friends, Brad and Matt who are actually my fuck buddies. Both of them travel for work, so they tend to be gone a couple of months at a time. I have a key to their apartment, so I can let myself in for sex when they are home and to bring in the mail when they are not. I also get to use their place for a homebase, it is much closer to the clubs and bars than mine and on occasion I bring someone over to fuck. The only rule that they gave me was do not let the neighbors know that I am a tranny. That is easy enough as I am pretty passable,only five foot five and 125 pounds with no visible adams apple and, I am told, a very tight and feminine ass.
Two doors down from Brad and Matts place is Tommy and his mom. Tommy has sandy blonde hair,close to six foot and is old enough to drive. Oh yeah, and he cannot keep his eyes off of me, it kinda makes me feel hot the way he is constantly checking me out. I was over to retrieve the mail on my way to a near by bar for a pecker hunt, so I had on a fuck me outfit. Long unbound strawberry blonde hair, a form fitting black shirt that showed off my fake tits, a light weight black micromini skirt with bare legs and some six inch open toe stilletto heels. To cap it off I had bright pink polish on my fingers and toes. As usual, as I entered the hallway Tommy came out of his apartment headed toward me. Walking toward each other we both smiled and said hi, but this time I said "You might hurt my feelings if you do not check out my ass in this get up." Tommy just smiled. Knowing that he would turn in hopes of seeing my ass I reached behind me and flipped up my skirt, exposing an ass only in a thong. I heard a thump and looked back to see that he had walked into the wall and was just staring at me. I gave him a little tennis wave as I entered the apartment
Several weeks later Brad had come home without Matt and we had fucked all night. He was headed back out immediately, so I walked him to the elevator and we passed Tommy in the hall.

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