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When I was twelve I met a new classmate named Dave, he and I became great friends hanging out, joining clubs and what ever else high school kids do. His family was from the Phillipines and he and his sister were the first generation born in this country. His sister Mai is the focus of this story. She is two years younger than Dave. I had a crush on her from the moment I saw her. She was one of those girls that even at a young age people would say how beautiful she was. Long black hair, deep brown eyes and that great skin tone she was just stunning.
But as she was only ten at the time I did nothing about it. Time went on she turned sixteen and had blossomed high tight perfect breasts that ran about a c cup or so. She wore nice tight shirts to make them look even bigger and nice skirts that always stopped just above the knee.
Thats when I told Dave how I felt about his sister and that I was planning on asking her out.
That is when he lost it on me!
Told me that if I ever had any more thoughts about dating Mai I should stop them as she was his sister. Said he would never speak to me again if I tried. When I asked him if it was because he did not think I was good enough for his sister he told me that it was the other way around she was not good for me. Weird, so I thought maybe they just did not get along. Plus he said she was a total gross freak. I did not read too much into that as most guys find the thought of someone finding their sister attractive would say the same thing. Plus the older brother in him was probably trying to protect her. So I moved on tried to respect my friends wishes and threats.
Time went on again I turned twenty and she turned eighteen. I had been at my second year of University and she was just about to start her first year of nursing. It was almost the end of summer break, I heard she had moved into her own apartment near the college here in town. A one bedroom place above a dry cleaner some where near the campus. I had no plans on seeing her at all that summer as we ran with different crowds and I suspect her brother was trying to keep me away from her.
But fate intervened.

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