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Lucy's Change chapter 2

Chapter 2
Sunday was even darker and rainier than Saturday. We woke up still holding each other from the night before. We were spooning. Lucy’s warmth felt so nice against my back. Her legs only reached halfway down my calves, and I could feel her rubbing my legs with her toes. I could tell that she was awake. I could feel her cock pressing against the back of my thigh. We both had morning wood. Luce moved closer to me and I could feel the steel of her nipple piercing against my back.
I turned over to face her and look in her eyes to see what was there. Was it the anger or the amusement? The look in her eye told me only that she wasn’t angry. She seemed like her normal self. “Hey” she said in a morning voice. I moved closer to her and put my head on the pillow with her. “Morning” I answered in a similar voice. I could feel the head of her cock pressing against my stomach. ”Look” I said “we match”.
She smiled and laughed weakly. “I thought morning wood was just something you made up so I’d have sex with you” she said.
“You’ve found me out” I told her in a dramatic voice. “But, it is a good solution to a problem…..” I said moving closer to her, and pushing my cock under her small, tight ballsack. I moved my hand down and took her cock in my hand. It throbbed when I touched it. Lucy smiled brightly at me, and I leaned in to kiss her.
I gently pushed her over on her back. I pushed her legs apart and lay down between them, picking her cock up off of her stomach and pushing my mouth down on it until it pressed against my throat. Her knees went up, and she assumed the position she had so many times when I had eaten pussy instead of cock. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and rested them on her bellybutton. Three more times I pushed my head down on her, until it stopped at my throat, and her cock shaft was slick with saliva and precum. Her hand found it’s place n my head again, as I gently nibbled on her foreskin. I slipped my tongue under and tasted more precum. She moaned and I could see the outline of my tongue moving under her skin. Lucy looked at me smiling and quietly sang “I’ve got you under my skin”. My tongue slid out as I laughed.

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