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Lucky to be insatiable...

I reached down to you with both hands and you grabbed them with your slightly trembling, soft hands. I pulled you to your feet and draped your long coat over your shoulders. I put my arm around your shoulders and walked you out of there. As we passed the clerk on the way out, I tossed him a few bills and told him we would back...he smiled, nodded, and stuffed the bills in his pocket. We stepped out into the bright sunlight, and I led you to my ride. Before we climbed into my car, I pulled out a studded leather collar and silver chain leash and fastened it around your beautiful neck. All you said was “thank-you sir”. You had done some serious stroking, sucking, and fucking in there...but I knew you were still aching for more. I pushed you down into the passenger seat and then climbed behind the wheel. I told you to open your coat wide and spread your legs wide with your skyheels braced against the dashboard. I ordered you to play with your nipples and play with your semi-hard clit while I drove us up and down some very busy streets, At each traffic light and stop sign, I lingered long enough to make sure the people on the sidewalks could see what you were doing.
Your eyes were half closed and your tongue was licking your lips as you reveled in your exhibitionism. My delight at your response was evidenced by my swollen cock straining against my jeans. I decided to take you to my brother's house. I knew he was out of town on business, but that his gorgeous young trophy wife would be home. I had been fucking her whenever he wasn't around and had turned her into one of my secret suck slaves. The possibilities seemed endless...
My brother’s house is located in a quiet neighborhood, and the three car garage and parking area are not visible from the street. I opened your door, and led you thru the garage by your leash. I used my key to let us in the back door. As we walked down the hallway towards the living room, there was an odor of perfume and raw sex in the air. We stopped in the doorway when we saw my sister-in-law. There was a porn flick on the big-screen TV, Jane was spread eagled on the shag rug in front of it, furiously fingering herself. She smiled at us when we gained her attention. Without a word, she beckoned us over to her.

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