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When I lived in London back in the 80s and 90s, I would often sneak off to a porn cinema with stockings, suspenders and knickers under my suit. My wife didn’t much like sex, so this was a release for me to get away from home and have some sexy fun. Once I had found a suitable seat I would ease down my trousers to reveal what I was wearing and it always attracted guys to suck and wank me. But I wanted a more, and so I decided to move up a notch and with the help of a guy I had met at at Fantasy Video in Old Street, I achieved my ambition of dressing up fully as Gina and enjoying an afternoon of hot steamy sex.

Ian had a flat about two minutes walk from the cinema and so one day I phoned in sick at work and went shopping for a wig, mini skirt, sexy top and heels plus make up. I already had some sexy black satin undies, including a basque, which I was keen to wear. I had also bought some wonderful FF stockings from a shop I knew in Victoria, near where I lived then. I arrived at Ian’s at about 1pm very excited. We sat and chatted for a while and then I got changed whilst he watched. Black silky stockings, black satin basque and sexy satin knickers and on top, a pink satin button through top and a short black mini skirt and pink 3 inch high heels! I completed the look with a blonde bobbed wig and then took time with my make up as I wasn’t very experienced with that element. Pink Lipstck it had to be with foundation, blusher and dark eye make-up.

I wasn’t quite brave enough to walk to Fantasy Video and so we got into Ian’s car and drove around the corner. He was keen to see what was going to happen as Ian was not a participator, but a voyeur who would watch and wank.

We walked into the cinema and I made my way downstairs very gingerly as I wasn’t used to wearing heels and didn’t want to break an ankle (How do women walk in these, I thought!!). I am 6ft tall and with a short mini skirt on my legs looked like they went on forever, and so I got a few glances and a couple of hands brushing my stockings as I made my way into the second, smaller cinema and into my favourite seat on the end of the back row, where there were only a couple of steps in front and no other seats.

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