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Loaning me out to strangers

My wife and her friend Tina were going shopping in Kansas City for the week end. I knew this meant that I would be with Phillip. Tina's husband and the man I can't stay away from his cock. This meant I would be dressing up like a slut and servicing Phillips cock the whole time our wives were in KC. I started getting ready even before Phillip called.
When he called I was already showered and shaved. Waiting for him to tell me how he wanted me dressed. Of course he said he wanted me dressed like a slut, but to dress for going out in public. This scared me. Public? What did he mean by that. I couldn't pass for public, could I? Knowing my face is my biggest give away, I tried to take attention away from my face. I wore a very short sexy Lycra black dress, who would look at my face if they were trying to catch a peek of my ass. I wore a long straight wig with bangs, very sexy. under my dress I was wearing a matching pink bra and panty with black stay up stocking and 4" black pumps.
I waited for Phillip as he said he would be picking me up. I didn't have to wait long before he pulled into the drive way. I walked to his car hoping my neighbors didn't see me. I hopped in and he told me how hot I looked. I looked over and could see he already had his cock out of his pants. I smiled and said thank you as I reached over and took hold of his cock. I squeezed his cock and told him he looked hot too leaving no mistake it was his cock I was calling hot. To this he laughed, put his hand on the back of my head, and pulling me down he said "well show me how hot". I went down and suck his cock as I always do when I get a chance. He know I can't get enough of his cock and uses that against me. He makes me beg to suck him and for him to fuck me. He makes me tell him how much I love his cock and that he can always have me and that I will do anything he tells me as long as I can keep sucking his cock and that he will keep fucking me when our wives are away. That I can be his bitch. He always teases me and tells me he will think about it only if I am a good slut and do as he says.

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