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Lay Report #5

Lay Report #5


Craigslist Style Meet-up from TS Dating


It’s been a few weeks, but finally hooked up again and therefore I am presenting to you “Lay Report #5.”

So I was in Manhattan at around 12:30 am on a Wednesday. I was in my car about to go back to Long Island when I decided to go on TS Dating to see if anybody was online.

There were a couple girls who I had not seen before so I decided to message the ones in NYC. I did this in case I could get a quick meet up before going back to Long Island. Typically, this is the kind of thing Craigslist is good for, however I’ve been trying to avoid Craigslist because there are better quality girls on TS Dating.

So the thing with this is that TS Dating is more under the context of “Dating” rather than a quick hookup. However if approached correctly, it can be used for quick hookups.

So I emailed three different girls who I’ve never spoken to before:

“Hey, how are you? What are you up to tonight? I know it’s late, but I’m in Manhattan and was wondering if you wanted to meet me for a drink?”

So obviously I didn’t want to meet for a drink. But again, this site is under a dating context, so its unwise to blatantly state that I’m looking for sex in the first email.

So out of the three I messaged, I received one response. She was 33, Spanish/Asian, pretty good looking, maybe a 7 on a scale of 1-10. She wasn’t exactly my type, but there is a time and place to be picky. 12:30 am on a Wednesday, take what you can get. The conversation went as follows:

Her: “Hey, I don’t drink, but do you want to come over my place and hang out?”

Me: “Sure, text me (gave her my number).”

Five minutes goes by no text. Great. I’m getting tired anyway. I’m parked on 55th and 10th at this point. I start to make my way towards the Queensborough Bridge. I just pass second avenue about to make the left on the bridge. I get a text:

Her: “Hey, it’s ___ from TS Dating.”

I immediately switch over to the right lane and pull over on the side of the street. Another few seconds and I would have been on my way to Queens. Whether or not I would have turned around, I’m not sure, but it would have been a pain in the ass.

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